Gallery Hours: Thurs–Sun 1 to 6

Rhea Anastas
Moyra Davey
Andrea Fraser
Nicolás Guagnini
Gareth James
Christian Philipp Müller
Jeff Preiss
R.H. Quaytman
Karin Schneider
Jason Simon
John Yancy, Jr.
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Spring Wound
From One O to the Other
11 Sessions
Cookie Cutter
Calendar of flowers, gin bottles, steak bones
Image Coming Soon
Form of a waterfall. Sadie Benning
On The Collective For Living Cinema
Jef Geys
I Like You and You Like Me
Sylvia Rivera Law Project Art Opening
Around the Corner: Zoe Leonard, Petra Wunderlich, Christian Philipp Müller
Nicolás Guagnini: The Middle Class Goes to Heaven (2005–06)
Dan Graham: Death by Chocolate: West Edmonton Shopping Mall (1986–2005)

Heard Not Seen
Having Been Described In Words
Painters Without Paintings and Paintings Without Painters
Small Works For Big Change
Michael Asher, film screening
Stephan Pascher, Lucky Chairs

Martin Beck
September 11. 1973.
Part Three, "Last Minute"
Polish Socialist Conceptualism of the 70s
Part Two
Part One

Small Works For Big Change
Art Auction benefiting the work of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.
The Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) provides free legal services to low-income transgender communities and transgender communities of color. They also educate the public about trans oppression and support community organizing work that fights for the rights of their community. SRLP has assisted over 350 clients facing violence and discrimination in prisons, juvenile justice facilities, shelters, educational institutions and at the hands of the police since its inception in 2003. SRLP trains judges, health professionals, and other community organizations on how to provide respectful and affirming services. The most pressing issue faced daily at SRLP is the vast amount community members who are unable to access the most basic of services to meet the most vital of needs (such as shelter, health care, and education) because of rampant discrimination and violence. Artist's work to be featured at this event include William Wegman, Patty Chang, Deborah Edmeades, Richard Hell, Annie Sprinkle, Glenn Ligon, Andrea Geyer, Moyra Davey, Christy Gast, Hank O'Neal, Gregg Bordowitz, Mo Cassanova, Zoe Bissell, Sam Gordon, Emily Riedman, Allen Frame, Robert Melee, Amy Sillman, Valerie Shaff, Yvonne Rainer, Klara Hobza, Sara Saltzman, Ulrike Mueller, A.L. Steiner, Josh Faught, Leah DeVun, Emily Roysdon, Felicia Murray, Matt Keegan, Zackary Drucker, and more!