Gallery Hours: Thurs–Sun 1 to 6

Rhea Anastas
Moyra Davey
Andrea Fraser
Nicolás Guagnini
Gareth James
Christian Philipp Müller
Jeff Preiss
R.H. Quaytman
Karin Schneider
Jason Simon
John Yancy, Jr.
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Spring Wound
From One O to the Other
11 Sessions
Cookie Cutter
Calendar of flowers, gin bottles, steak bones
Image Coming Soon
Form of a waterfall. Sadie Benning
On The Collective For Living Cinema
Jef Geys
I Like You and You Like Me
Sylvia Rivera Law Project Art Opening
Around the Corner: Zoe Leonard, Petra Wunderlich, Christian Philipp Müller
Nicolás Guagnini: The Middle Class Goes to Heaven (2005–06)
Dan Graham: Death by Chocolate: West Edmonton Shopping Mall (1986–2005)

Heard Not Seen
Having Been Described In Words
Painters Without Paintings and Paintings Without Painters
Small Works For Big Change
Michael Asher, film screening
Stephan Pascher, Lucky Chairs

Martin Beck
September 11. 1973.
Part Three, "Last Minute"
Polish Socialist Conceptualism of the 70s
Part Two
Part One

Part Three, “Last Minute”
Organized By: Jason Simon

A collection of one minute videos by Julie Ault, Perry Bard, Martin Beck, Jeff Benjamin, Barbara Jo Bergstrom, Roddy Bogawa, Matthew Buckingham, Bill Burns and Christina Zeidler, Myrel Chernick and Sam Lewallen, Lenka Clayton, Peter Cole, Jorge Colombo, Anna Craycroft, Moyra Davey, David Dempewolf, Mark Dion, Matt Duggan, Jimmy Durham and Maria Thereza Alves, Karin Felbermayr, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Andrea Fraser, Christy Gast, Andrea Geyer, Hope Ginsburg, Anne B. Hansfien, Klara Hobza, Timothy Jaeger, Holen Kahn, Jon Kessler, Sowon Kwon, Josiah McElheny and Susanne DesRoches, Ellen McMahon, Jennifer Montgomery, Aaron Namenwirth, Angel Nevarez, Stephan Pascher, Claire Pentecost, Liza Phillips, J. Morgan Puett, Sean Reynard, Dana Sherwood, Shit TV, Adam Simon, Jason Simon, Bill Stone, Valerie Tevere, Robert Williams, Alice and Della Wilsey, Alex Yalakidis, Amy Yoes and others.